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HEIDELBERG SM74-8P + L, 8 color with coater

HEIDELBERG SM74-8P + L, 8 color with coater

HEIDELBERG EIGHT COLOUR PRESS + Coater and extended delivery
Sheet Size: 520 x 740 mm.
Number of impressions: 195 millions
SM74-8P + L
8 color with coater
Age: 2002
Serial Number: 626568
Circa 194 million impressions
Equipped With:-
Post Drupa Model
CP 2000
Alcolor with Vario
Technotrans Beta C Refrigeration with ink temp control (Air cooled)
Eltex ionise blast on feeder
Electronic sidelays
Programmable wash of rollers/imp/bla cylinders via CP2000
Heidelberg Scrollstar
Heidelberg AirStar
Grafix Exatronic 3000 powder spray
Steel plate in Feeder and Delivery
Plate punch and Bender
We have the running video
Machine still in production
Test printing possible

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