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Morgana, UFO 1, Paper Folding

Morgana, UFO 1, Paper Folding

Country of Origin : United Kingdom        

Machine information: 

This professional and compact 46 cm folder (with flat pile feeder, vacuum feeder wheel, 2 pockets and a delivery belt ) folds paper or other sheet materials in one handling job. The sheets will be transported from the vacuum feeder wheel system to the folding machine. Settings can be made for programming the (batch-) counter, steps and all kind of functions for a professional after-press production.



Min. / max. size: 120 x 150 / 460 x 640 mms

Minimum fold: 35 mms

Paper weight: 40 - 260 grs/m2

All safeties on the machine (noise hoods, shields, sensors etc.)

Operating panel with digital display and controls, including programming, counters, batch counters etc. Perforating wheels and tools are coming with the machine.

Air- and vacuum by heavy compressor/pump

Technical- and optical condition:

Technical: 8/10

Optical: 9/10

AUD 3,000 / USD 2,000 / EURO 2,000

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