Sitma C80/750 Wrapper

Sitma C80/750 Wrapper

Sitma C80/750 Wrapper


Shuttle Feeder, 'Windmill' Opening, 

Insert feeders 3, 

Double/missing sheet detection, 

Labelling head drive facility, C80-750-0, Control panel, 

Film tensioning/forming section, 

External film unwind reel stands, 

Pack separation conveyor model , 

Declined conveyor to stacker infeed, 

Compensating counter stacker, 

Including compressor, accessories and manuals,



  • Min./Max. length: mm 150 – 500 (6″ – 20″)
  • Min./Max. width: mm 100 – 350 (4″ – 14″)
  • Min./Max. thickness: up to 200 mm (8″)
  • Plastic film type: PE – OPP – PVC – All commercial shrink films
  • Speed: up to 7,200 products per hour



Max speed 

C80/750-I: 12,000pph

C80/750-0: 15,000pph

Polywrap sizes

length 150-420mm

width 100-330mm

height 1-60mm

Optional extras 

Paper wrapping

Selective feeding

Tight wrap

Side sealing


Location : Sydney/ Australia


Price : USD 19,500 LOC or nearest offer